Bread for Believers

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About This Book

This book is a roadmap for believers at every step in their walk with the Lord. Here is a guidebook that begins with how to become a believer, continues with growing into a productive life in Christ and ends with the culmination of growth—perfect Christ-likeness in Heaven. It is filled with Biblical truths for new converts and mature Christians alike. This easy-reading book will inspire and challenge you to live for the Lord.


Author: Curtis Hutson  | Pages: 349  | Chapters: 19 | Format: Hardback


Chapter Titles

1. What Is a Believer? …
2. The Believer’s Security
3. The Believer and Doubt
4. The Believer and Sin
5. The Believer and the Devil.
6. The Believer’s Divine Commission
7. Giving–the Believer’s Responsibility …
8. Three Groups of Believers
9. The Behavior of Believers
10. The Believer and Criticism
11. Why Believers Have Trouble
12. How the Believer Can Know God’s Will
13. God’s Chastening of the Believer
14. The Fullness of the Spirit, the Believer’s Need
15. What Every Believer Should Know About Speaking in Tongues
16. The Second Coming of Christ, the Believer’s Hope
17. The Believer’s Threefold Judgment
18. Deciding Questionable Things for Believers
19. Heaven, the Believer’s Home

Bread for Believers

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