Discernment & Decision Making


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About This Book

Life is filled with decision making. We will make thousands of decisions throughout the course of our life. Knowing how to make right decisions is very important because decisions have consequence. Some decisions seem so tame and easy to make, and yet, we discover over time they were filled with subtle and unseen dangers.


Author: S.A. Scott  | Pages: 174  | Chapters: 22 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. Solomon Asked for Wisdom
  2. Spiritual or Carnal?
  3. The Very Costly Decision of Adam and Eve
  4. Stop Signs Are There for a Reason
  5. Did Noah Have a Choice?
  6. Faithful Decisions
  7. Avoiding Hasty and Emotional Decisions
  8. “It Was Well Watered Everywhere…”
  9. The Common Denominator
  10. Make Up Your Mind Early
  11. Sentiment over Substance
  12. Substance over Sentiment
  13. Buyer’s Remorse
  14. It Will not Work Without  Application
  15. Dangerous or Tame
  16. The Decision of No Decision
  17. Righteousness over Rightness
  18. You Cannot Give Back Your Conscience
  19. You Must Decide to have Peace
  20. Not Early or Late, But Right on Time
  21. The Fear of the LORD
  22. Wrong Decisions Were Made to be Changed


Discernment & Decision Making

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