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Glimpses Of Jesus


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In this convicting hardback, Dr. Clyde Box shares twelve sermons on the glimpses of Jesus, showing Him to us from a dozen different angles and compelling us to share what we’ve seen to a world dying in spiritual blindness. Open this book and take in these fresh perspectives of our wonderful Lord!


Author: Clyde H. Box  | Pages: 149  | Chapters: 12 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

1. Seeing Jesus
2. Wonderful Jesus!
3. “What Manner of Man Is This?”
4. To Be Like Jesus
5. The Suffering, Smoldering Church
6. Saving a Life
7. The Folded Napkin
8. “He Is Precious”
9. “To Whom Shall We Go?”
10. The “No More’s” of Heaven
11. Watching Jesus Die
12. Love Found a Way

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Glimpses Of Jesus

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