From Fig Leaves To Fashion


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From Fig Leaves to Fashion is a book about modesty written in a very practical way, with answers to many of women’s questions regarding Biblical dress from different perspectives. Whether you choose to read only what interests you, choose to study a specific chapter or take time to read the entire book, the author hopes that you will be both encouraged and challenged to honor God through what you wear.


Author: Sandra Reyes  | Pages: 112  | Chapters: 15 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

1. What Is the Big Deal?
2. A Matter of the Heart
3. In the Beginning
4. What Does the Bible Say?
5. What Kind of Coat?
6 Pants in the Bible
7. How Do I Affect Men?
8. What Does Science Say?
9. What Does History Say?
10. Modesty for All Ages
11. Helpful Hints and Hot Topics
12. Words of Wisdom on Dress
13. Questions
14. Conclusion
15. Above All

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From Fig Leaves To Fashion

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