Spiritual Espresso Vol. 3


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About This Book

In this book, you will find over one hundred devotionals that will help stir your thoughts, warm your heart, convict your soul and challenge you to do more for God. If you are looking for a spiritual supplement to compliment your time with God in the Scriptures every day, this book will be that supplement.


Author: Allen Domelle  | Pages: 227  | Chapters: 109 | Format: Paperback

Chapter Titles

  1. Provoking Others
  2. Unbridled Tongues
  3. Casting Your Care
  4. Loving the Preeminence
  5. Love While Standing
  6. A Companion of Compromise
  7. A Place Called Heaven
  8. Open the Door
  9. Let There Be No Strife
  10. Ten Righteous People
  11. What’s God’s Limit?
  12. Family is a Team Not an Opponent
  13. God Rewards Hard Work
  14. The Wisdom of Wisdom
  15. Meant for Good
  16. Wastefulness Leads to Poverty
  17. What Will it Take?
  18. Go Forward
  19. Standing Afar Off
  20. Our Guardian Angel
  21. Changing Who You Are
  22. In the Shadow of God
  23. Conflicting Responsibilities
  24. Backslidden in Heart
  25. Correcting Mistakes
  26. SecondHand Offerings
  27. The Year of Jubile
  28. Hurt by an Equal
  29. Taking God’s Presence for Granted
  30. Nevertheless
  31. A Governed Spirit
  32. What’s Your Excuse This Time?
  33. Wholly Followed
  34. Encourage Him
  35. God Delivered
  36. God’s Boot Camp
  37. Response to Disgruntled Church Members
  38. Wisdom’s Silence
  39. If Thou Wilt Not Hearken
  40. Nothing Between
  41. A Sanctified People
  42. So Did Joshua
  43. Unwavering Strength for War
  44. The LORD was with Judah
  45. Again
  46. Hurray for Jephthah’s Daughter
  47. Running with the Enemy
  48. Ruth Clave Unto Her
  49. Are You Listening?
  50. Whose Side are You On?
  51. God Remembers
  52. Life’s Unpleasantries
  53. Thanks for Nothing!
  54. Turning Friends Into Enemies
  55. Respect the Power
  56. She Came In
  57. David’s Friend
  58. Overreacting
  59. Source of Strife
  60. Setting Yourself Apart From the Rest
  61. Stop Fooling Yourself
  62. Do Your Job
  63. License to Sin
  64. Dig the Ditches
  65. The Power of Influence
  66. Plugged Ears and Hardened Necks
  67. Getting the Ear of God
  68. Jabez’s Prayer
  69. A Strange Way to Minister
  70. Responding Properly to Personal Treatment
  71. David’s 3 Worst Decisions
  72. I Had in Mine Heart
  73. Have You Made an Altar Lately?
  74. Fortifying the Strong Holds
  75. You Are a Teacher
  76. Chameleon Christianity
  77. Encouraging Your Preacher
  78. A Successful Influence for Christ
  79. Lose Those Stripes
  80. Thoughts Lead to Consequences
  81. Building and Repairing
  82. Counted Faithful
  83. The Power of Disloyalty
  84. Facing Your Greatest Fear
  85. Learn To Laugh
  86. God Knows Your Way
  87. Loving Yourself
  88. Opinions
  89. God Can Do Every Thing
  90. Beware of Temptation
  91. Listen!
  92. The Importance of Working Together
  93. Your Purpose for Sacrifice
  94. Cold Love
  95. What Have You Done With Jesus?
  96. A Prophet Without Honor
  97. Hearsay
  98. A Benefit of Overcoming Temptation
  99. Jesus, Your First Option
  100. Relationships with God
  101. Good Habits
  102. Which Way Do You Lean?
  103. Evidence for Validation
  104. Position Must Be Earned
  105. Thoughts About Peer Pressure
  106. Doubting God’s Miracles
  107. Good Works and Almsdeeds
  108. Have You Separated?
  109. Repentance Brings Action

Spiritual Espresso Vol. 3

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