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About This Book

There can be many contributing factors or reasons why something increases, or decreases in value, but basically, it is based upon want or needs. If there is a change in wants or needs, there will be a change in what is valued. It is how people decide their value system.

The important thing to remember is that the economy of your present and eternal life is determined by the decisions you make. Bad and good decisions will affect the quality of your life. The question is whether your value system is merely temporal, or eternal.


Author: S.A. Scott  | Pages: 239  | Chapters: 24 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

1. Want and / or need
2. The value of ability
3. Attraction
4. Corrupted value
5. Priceless for cheap
6. Precious things
7. The value of Christ
8. The value of love
9. The value of good
10. Need God before you need God
11. Mining value
12. Assessment of value
13. Junk or treasure?
14. The bitter becomes sweet
15. Willingness
16. This is better than that
17. The value of conversation
18. The defilement of the temple
19. The value of labor
20. The value of servant-hood
21. “Little gains”
22. Discovering value
23. The heavenly economy
24. The value of time


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