You Can Return to the Father’s Table

You don't have to be stuck where you are forever


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About this book

The prodigal son sought the world over his father’s love. It wasn’t until he was in the pigpen that he realized he had it better at his father’s table. His decision to turn back changed his life forever.

You Can Return to the Father’s Table illustrates God’s love through the prodigal son’s journey and offers a beautiful representation of the struggles that come with leaving God’s will and the redemption found when you return to Him.

In this book you will:
  • Identify the process of drifting away from God’s truth
  • Learn the importance of repentance in restoring relationships
  • Discover the unconditional forgiveness and love of the Father
  Just like the prodigal son, you too can return to the Father and experience the joy and hope that comes with being welcomed home with open arms.

At 3.5×5.5 inches in size, the mini-books make incredible gifts for visitors, family, and friends.

Author: Greg Neal

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