Possess The Land

An in-depth look into moving forward by faith in your walk with God


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About This Book

God gave the people of Israel one specific command: to move forward and possess the land that He had promised them. Yet each step of their journey presented them with obstacles and fears that stood in their way. How did they overcome? How can we tackle similar struggles that keep us from reaching for God’s promises today?   Possess the Land is a comprehensive study drawing principles from the book of Deuteronomy with practical applications for your day-to-day living. With an emphasis on overcoming complacency and fear, it illustrates through historical context and spiritual insight, how you can move forward in your faith. In these pages, you will learn:
  • How to conquer stagnation in your spiritual life
  • How to embrace God-given authority
  • How to engage in faithful obedience to God’s commands
Navigate the next steps of your spiritual journey with courage, wisdom and faithfulness by following the examples presented in this book of men and women who learned how to possess the land God had promised them.  

Author: Greg Neal  | Pages: 276  | Chapters: 65 | Format: Hardback


Chapter Titles

  1. The Danger of Not Moving Forward
  2. Turn, Take, and Go
  3. Following God’s Plan for the Future
  4. Do Not Wait on God to Do What We Know to Do
  5. The Pastor’s Vision for His People
  6. Submitting to Authority
  7. Judging Justly
  8. Following with Our Whole Hearts
  9. Go Up and Possess It
  10. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
  11. God Is On Our Side
  12. The Danger of Unbelief
  13. Lost Opportunities
  14. The Faith of a Few
  15. The Next Generation
  16. Too Little, Too Late
  17. Stop Going in Circles
  18. God Has Been Good to Us
  19. To Fight or Not to Fight
  20. The Ministry of Moses
  21. The Priority of God’s Word
  22. The Power of God’s Word
  23. The Covenant and Commandments of God
  24. The Glory and the Greatness of God
  25. Take God’s Word with Us
  26. Come Out and Be Separate
  27. Remember and Consider
  28. Greater Is He than Those in the World.
  29. The Same Old Book
  30. God’s Requirements for Possessing the Land
  31. It Is All About God..
  32. Love the Lord Thy God
  33. The Wrong and the Right Way to Worship God.
  34. Be Not Deceived
  35. Come Ye Out and Be Separate
  36. The Tithe Is the Lord’s
  37. In Matters of Money
  38. Remember From Where We Came
  39. The Need for Justice
  40. The Qualifications for a King
  41. The Position of a Priest
  42. The Promise of a Prophet
  43. Cities of Refuge
  44. Instructions for Battle
  45. Various Laws for the People – Part 1
  46. Various Laws for the People – Part 2
  47. Various Laws for the People – Part 3
  48. Various Laws for the People – Part 4
  49. Bringing the Firstfruits and Tithes
  50. Being the People of God
  51. Blessings and Cursings
  52. The Blessing of Obedience and the Cursing of Disobedience
  53. Seeing God’s Mighty Works
  54. Renewing Our Covenant
  55. The Choice Is Ours
  56. The Conclusion of Moses’ Life
  57. A Charge to the Children of Israel
  58. A Charge to Joshua
  59. A Charge to the Levites
  60. Handing Over the Reins
  61. Moses Writes a Song
  62. Singing a New Song.
  63. Moses Blesses the Tribes
  64. The Eternal God and His Chosen People
  65. The Mount Nebo Moment

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