Paul’s Last Words

Discover how to live a more fulfilling Christian life


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About This Book

Running a marathon requires ample preparation. Turning to seasoned athletes to guide you during this preparation could mean the difference between success or failure. There is perhaps no greater guide when it comes to running the race of the Christian life than the Apostle Paul.

Paul’s Last Words equips you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to live a fulfilling Christian life.  Drawing from Biblical passages, personal anecdotes, and historical examples, the author channels Paul’s wisdom into a compelling guide that encourages you to finish the course set before you.

In these pages, you will:
  • Learn how to maintain unwavering faith in times of adversity
  • Understand the importance of fighting the good fight
  • Discover the impact of finishing your own spiritual race
Follow the advice of Paul’s final words and discover how to live a life that is faithful to your calling, resilient in the face of hardships, and makes a difference in the world around you.


Author: Greg Neal  | Pages: 80  | Chapters: 9 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. Preparing for the Days Ahead
  2. I Am Now Ready to Be Offered
  3. I Have Fought a Good Fight
  4. I Have Kept the Faith
  5. I Have Finished My Course
  6. The Faith Paul Kept
  7. It Is Impossible…to Renew Them Again
  8. Henceforth…a Crown
  9. Final Thoughts from Paul’s Last Words

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