Someone, Somewhere Needs To Hear


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Listen as Dr. Scott Caudill brings a message through music in his album Someone, Somewhere Needs To Hear.

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Song List

  1. Someone, Somewhere Needs To Hear
  2. No Two Ways About It
  3. Speak To Us We Pray
  4. All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name
  5. I’ve Got A New Song To Sing
  6. It Is Well With My Soul
  7. I’ll Take The Old Time Way
  8. Give Him The Glory
  9. God Gives Again
  10. Unseen Hand

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What if you knew you were going to be Satan’s next major target?

Satan's Toolbox

  • How do we know we are not his target?
  • Why do we assume that Satan is not a threat to us?
  • What if Satan decided to “sift you as wheat” like he did Peter?
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