Touch Not The Unclean Thing


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About This Book

Excellent book on the King James Bible issue and the text issue and separation. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!! Historically detailed and accurate. Easy to read and understand. Strong, reasoned defense of the Received Text, and thus the King James Version. A powerful critique of the origins and associations of the Critical Text and its English translations


Author: David H. Sorenson  | Pages: 294  | Chapters: 11 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. Introduction
  2. The Three Major Positions
  3. Basic Terminology of the Textual Debate
  4. The Double Stream of Biblical Texts
  5. Early History of the Received Text
  6. Additional History of the Critical Text
  7. Dating, Weighting, and Counting
  8. The Scriptural Principle of Separation from Apostasy
  9. Applying the Principle of Separation to the Textual Issue
  10. What About Erasmus, King James, and His Translators?
  11. The Issue Today

Touch Not The Unclean Thing

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