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The Preacher From Pontiac


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Here is the story of Tom Malone, his wife, Joyce, and the great ministries that have come about through their labors. It will excite you and encourage you to see what God will do through His faithful servants. There are many serving the Lord mightily because they were instructed and influenced by Dr. Malone, and surely the story of his life will yet motivate many more to faithful ministry in the years to come.


Author: Joyce Vick  | Pages: 310  | Chapters: 29 | Format: Hardback


Chapter Titles

1. Early Years
2. Only God Knew It!
3. Instant Soul Winner
4. Days at Bob Jones College
5. Early Ministry
6. Turning the Corner
7. Miracle Church
8. Unbeatable Combination
9. War Years
10. Missionary Church
11. New Dimensions
12. Back to School
13. Influences From Godly Men
14. Growing Pains
15. Getting Others Involved
16. Tragedy Strikes
17. Midwestern Baptist Seminary Opens
18. Dwelling Together in Unity
19. Evangelistic Ministries
20. Ministry of Writing
21. Holy Land Tours
22. Changing Times
23. A Passion for Souls
24. How Dr. Malone Does It
25. Overcoming Obstacles
26. Family Life and Hobbies
27. Character Counts
28. The Value of One Soul
29. Issues of the Day


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The Preacher From Pontiac

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