The Billy Sunday Story


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About This Book

Billy Sunday was undoubtedly one of the most notable characters of the early 1900s. His story is fascinating reading, but it is also a lesson to the lukewarm church of today about what God can do when a redeemed sinner gives himself wholly to the work of winning souls.


Author:  | Pages: 341  | Chapters: 36 | Format: Hardback


Chapter Titles

1. Who Was Billy Sunday?
2.”Orphans and Fatherless”
3. “What Shall It Profit a Man?”
4.”Whom Say Ye That I Am?”
5. “This Is His Wife”
6. “A Double Minded Man”
7. “All Things”
8.”Do the Work of an Evangelist”
9. “Decently and in Order”
10. “He Prayed Earnestly”
11.”An Help Meet for Him”
12.”Many of Them Believed; Also of Honourable Women”
13. “Multitudes in the Valley of Decision”
14.”Not by Might, nor by Power”
15.”And Many…of That City Believed”
17.”Whom We Preach, Warning Every Man”
18.”The Things That Thou Hast Heard of Me Among Many Witnesses”
19.”The King Shall Be His Friend”
20.”Save in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ”
21. “I Know That Thou Art a Man of God”
22.”Precious in the Sight of the Lord”
23.”I Have Finished My Course”
24. “Their Works Do Follow Them
25. Hardships of Pioneer Life
26. Boyhood Days
27. I Enter Baseball
28. I Hit the Trail
29. Wedding Bells
30. Face-to-Face With Millions
31. My Partner
32. The Funeral of “Billy” Sunday
33. Shakings From a Saltcellar
34. Zacchaeus, Come Down!
35. Get on the Water Wagon
36. “What Shall the End Be?”

The Billy Sunday Story

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