The Baptist Distinctives and Why They Matter


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About This Book

The Baptist Distinctives and Why They Matter is not intended to be a long treatise on any of the subjects that make up its chapters. Instead, it is a primer into why I am a Baptist, and why I believe everyone should be a Baptist, too. More importantly, I hope to show that Baptist teaching follows the clear principles found in God’s Word.


Author: Paul Frederick | Pages: 59  | Chapters: 8 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. Biblical Authority
  2. Autonomy of the Local Church
  3. Priesthood of the Believer
  4. Two Offices: Pastor and Deacon
  5. Individual Soul Liberty
  6. Saved and Baptized Church Membership
  7. Two Ordinances: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
  8. Separation of Church and State

The Baptist Distinctives and Why They Matter

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