The Abortion Atrocity

A Definitive Read Debunking The Lies of the Abortionists


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About This Book

Abortion is an atrocity that has taken billions of innocent lives and has affected many who have been deceived. In America alone, it has even claimed more lives than some of the most memorable wars that have taken place throughout human history. Just as in these notable times in history, murder is justified by the dehumanizing of the victims. However, babies are not the only victims of this horrific practice. In cases of abortion, there are two main parties who suffer as a result: the mother and the child.

While there are arguments on both sides of this issue, the only true foundation we have to bring us to a conclusion on this heated debate is the Word of God. In “The Abortion Atrocity,” Paul Chapman uses Scripture to show how God feels about all life, while also proving that God considers and cares about the lives of those who are yet to be born. Accounts from Scripture are given to show God’s care for the unborn and blessings on those who protected life as well as His punishment on those who took lives. In this mini-book, Paul Chapman expounds on the following truths from the Word of God, debunking the lies of abortionists:

Chapter Titles
  1. God gives life.
  2. God takes life.
  3. God acknowledges unborn babies as people.
  4. God protected unborn babies by law.
  5. Children are a blessing from God.
  6. Death of a child is a nightmare.
  7. Parents should sacrifice for the children.
  8. God strongly warns against hurting children.
  9. God blessed those who refused “late-term abortion.”
  10. God condemns child sacrifice.
Just as we cannot decide to whom we give life, we should not have a say in who should not have life. God is the Giver and the Taker of all life. It is not our choice to make! Imagine how many great thinkers, leaders, doctors, preachers, and inventors never had a chance to make a difference in this world because someone one day made a choice. May we choose today to stand on these principles from the Word of God—It is a matter of life and death.

The Abortion Atrocity, by Pastor Paul Chapman, gives you ten statements founded on the Word of God that settles the abortion issue.

At a time when our nation is at a crossroads, we need to be personally informed and do what we can to inform others of God’s view on abortion.

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