Standing Near The Cross

A Look At Comfort and Forgiveness From The Cross


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About This Book

Life and death hang in the balance on crucifixion day. Christ carries his cross to Golgotha, ready to surrender his life for the redemption of mankind. His course is set. But He is not alone. Standing Near the Cross takes you on a journey to meet the crowd who witnessed the crucifixion of the Saviour. Each of them has their own story to tell and with each chapter, intimate historical details will draw you closer to the foot of the cross.

In these pages, you will:
  • Dive into the heart of redemption and experience its impact anew
  • Deepen your understanding on the power of forgiveness
  • Discover how God’s presence can provide comfort in times of trouble
Return to the cross and re-examine your relationship with Christ through the profound insights and timeless wisdom from the friends and enemies who surrounded the Lord while the sky darkened, and the world changed forever.  

Author: Greg Neal  | Pages: 184  | Chapters: 17 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. Introduction
  2. John the Beloved Disciple
  3. Mary Magdalene: Everyone Has a Story
  4. Joseph the Secret Disciple
  5. Nicodemus Who Came to Jesus By Night
  6. The Centurion the Unlikely Witness
  7. The Roman Soldiers: Unknowningly Connecting the Past, Present, and Future
  8. Simon the Cross Bearer
  9. Mary the Mother of Jesus
  10. The Women at the Cross
  11. The Chief Priests: The Result of Dead Religion
  12. Mary the Unknown yet Faithful Follower
  13. Salome the Mother of Zebedee’s Children
  14. The Acquaintances of Jesus
  15. The Two Malefactors: Belief Versus Unbelief
  16. God the Father
  17. Afterword

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