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One Great Truth Vol 2

One Great Truth For Your Daily Walk Volume 2


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“Every Christian must develop a one-on-one walk with the Lord.  However, most will struggle with the consistency of a daily walk.  I believe every passage of the Bible has a truth that can be taken and applied to your life.  This devotional is to show just some of those truths throughout your daily reading.”

– Pastor Steven Becker

This Second Volume has even more truths packed in its pages for the reader to draw closer to the Lord every day.

Author: Steven Becker | Pages: 379 | Chapters: 14 | Format: Paperback

Chapter Titles

  1. A Word From the Author
  2. January Daily Devotions
  3. February Daily Devotions
  4. March Daily Devotions
  5. April Daily Devotions
  6. May Daily Devotions
  7. June Daily Devotions
  8. July Daily Devotions
  9. August Daily Devotions
  10. September Daily Devotions
  11. October Daily Devotions
  12. November Daily Devotions
  13. December Daily Devotions
  14. About the Author

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One Great Truth For Your Daily Walk Volume 2