Absalom: Victim or Villain

A Look Into What Kind of Man Absalom Was


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About This Book

There are always two sides to every story. Perspective plays a big role in determining which side of the narrative a character lands in. Victim or villain? Is it possible to be both? Absalom: Victim or Villain delves into the account of Absalom’s life, a character often debated within Christian circles. By paying close attention to the details of his ancestry and the life he was expected to lead, the author challenges you to consider the nuanced dynamics of victimhood or villainy. In this book you will:
  • Learn about Abaslom’s lineage, his place in Biblical history, and societal norms he lived under
  • Explore the dual nature of Absalom’s character as both a victim and a villain
  • Reflect on the themes of personal responsibility and redemption found in Absalom’s story
Take a walk into Absalom’s life and determine for yourself if this multifaceted Biblical character fits either or both roles, while reflecting the fine line we each face in every decision we make.

Author: Bob Gray, Sr. | Pages: 184 | Chapters: 29 | Format: Hardback

Chapter Titles

  1. Would God I Had Died for Thee
  2. The Birth of Absalom
  3. Absalom’s Godly Heritage
  4. Absalom’s Royal Maternal Heritage
  5. David: Absalom’s Godly Example
  6. Absalom: An Evil Son
  7. Amnon and Tamar
  8. David’s Handling of Amnon
  9. The Death of Amnon
  10. A Foolish Grandparent
  11. David or Absalom: Who Was to Blame?
  12. The Truth about Absalom and Tamar
  13. Hair: The Vanity of Absalom
  14. The Heart of Absalom
  15. The Sinful Qualities of Absalom
  16. In Defense of Absalom
  17. The Lord Will Not Hold Him Guiltless
  18. A Sinister Bow and a Sincere Kiss
  19. Spies and Simpletons
  20. A Tale of Two Leaders
  21. Absalom and Ahithophel
  22. A Murderous Plot
  23. The Hypocrisy of Absalom
  24. The Deception of a Deceiver
  25. Deal Gently with the Young Man
  26. The Tragic End of Rebellion
  27. David’s Heartbreak
  28. You May Be An Absalom If
  29. Brethren, Be Not Dismayed

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