The Roller Coaster of Grief – A Practical Guide for Mourning

A guide to dealing with loss


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About This Book

The loss of a loved one to death is one of the most difficult time to process in any person’s life. Our emotions fluctuate like a roller coaster but God has promised to keep us safe and help us have victory through our grief.


Author: Jeff Owens | Pages: 61  | Chapters: 17 | Format: Paperback

Chapter Titles

  1. Grieving Can Be Like a Roller Coaster Ride
  2. What Is Grief?
  3. Grieving Is Necessary
  4. The Different Steps in the Grieving Process
  5. You Must Trust God
  6. Remember the Good Times
  7. Stay Busy
  8. Read About Heaven in the Bible
  9. Sing About Heaven
  10. Don’t Cast Blame
  11. Don’t Make Decisions Immediately
  12. Don’t Require Others to Grieve the Same Way You Do
  13. Tell Others About Heaven
  14. Weep, But Not Forever
  15. Live a Productive Life in Honor of Your Loved One
  16. Great Bible Verses About Heaven
  17. Great Bible Verses About Comfort

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