That Your Joy May Be Full by Paul Frederick

That Your Joy May Be Full

Practical truths from the epistles of John


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About This Book

Though John had written two other books under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (the Gospel of John and the Revelation of Jesus Christ), the epistles of I John, II John, and III John take a much more personal tone.

They are the words of a pastor who has spent the last sixty years serving God’s people. He is a man who wants his readers to grow in their love for one another and for the Lord.

As you read this book about John’s epistles, I hope you will also see my heart as a pastor. It is my desire that you will grow to love I, II, and III John more and, in so doing, grow to love one another and the Lord Jesus Christ more.


Author: Paul Frederick | Pages: 225 | Chapters: 17 | Format: Paperback

Chapter Titles

  1. From the Beginning
  2. Walking in the Light
  3. Sin and the Christian
  4. Keeping His Word
  5. Love Not the World
  6. Concerning Them That Seduce You
  7. That We Should Be Called the Sons of God
  8. Rightness in Relationships
  9. We Are of the Truth
  10. Greater Is He
  11. Let Us Love One Another
  12. His Love is Perfected in Us
  13. The Victory that Overcomes the World
  14. The Benefit of Witnesses
  15. A Final Adminotion
  16. For the Truth’s Sake
  17. Letter to a Rejoicing Brother

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