Should I?


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About This Book

In Should I?, Dr. Jorgensen begins with our purpose of glorifying God and outlines from the Scripture how this purpose is accomplished through our lifestyle choices.  After explaining the purpose of personal separation, Dr. Jorgensen applies these principles to daily life in efforts to help all Christians discover a Biblical answer to the question:  Should I?


Author: Jim Jorgensen | Pages: 93  | Chapters: 12 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. The Purpose of Separation
  2. The Foundation of Separation
  3. The Principles of Separation
  4. Differences in Separation
  5. The Christian and Alcohol
  6. The Christian and Drugs
  7. The Christian and Music
  8. The Christian and Dancing
  9. The Christian and Gambling
  10. The Christian and Appearance
  11. The Christian and Movies
  12. Conclusion

Should I?

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