Sharing Christ with Children

Sharing Christ with Children


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About This Book

This is an in depth study from getting children under the sound of the gospel to the techniques of a clear presentation. From word studies of great salvation verses, to giving invitations to large or small groups, this book is a great tool and resource for anyone wanting to better share the gospel.


Author: Abb Thomas | Pages: 207  | Chapters: 15 | Format: Paperback

Chapter Titles


  1. What Signs “Tip Us Off” to Their Need?
  2. Ready References for Instant Help
  3. You Must Understand if He Understands
  4. Presenting Salvation to a Group
  5. Almost Always – Visualize Gods’s Plan
  6. Use Questions/Answers
  7. Following the Example of Jesus
  8. Talking to a Lost Child
  9. What Confuses Children?
  10. Keep Church Families Involved
  11. Teach Teens to Deal Carefully With Children
  12. The Discipleship They Need
  13. Good Guidelines to Follow
  14. The Work of the Holy Spirit
  15. Explain What the Invitation Is All About

Sharing Christ with Children

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