Salvation Crystal Clear


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In a climate of differing opinions and personal ideas, Dr. Hutson takes us back to the source of all truth, the Bible.  Here is plain talk about an eternal truth, God’s greatest plan and man’s greatest hope–salvation, crystal clear.  Vintage sermons by Dr. Hutson included in this volume are:”Salvation Plain and Simple;” “False Hopes of Heaven;” “Lordship Salvation, A perversion of the Gospel;” “Repentence: What Does the Bible Teach?”


Author: Curtis Hutson  | Pages: 334  | Chapters: 28 | Format: Hardback


Chapter Titles

  1. Salvation Plain and Simple.
  2. The Text That Made Salvation Plain to Charles Spurgeon
  3. The Whole Gospel in a Single Verse
  4. I Tim. 1:15
  5. “So Great Salvation’
  6. Lessons From Calvary
  7. Four Truths About Salvation
  8. The Touch of Faith
  9. The Unbelievable Gospel
  10. Noah’s Ark-A Type of Salvation
  11. God’s Gift to the World
  12. Unpardonable Sin
  13. False Hopes of Heaven
  14. The Most Important Question Ever Asked
  15. Is There Life After Death?
  16. How Will You Die?
  17. The Perfect Fool
  18. “There They Crucified Him
  19. Five Fearful Facts
  20. Touching ALL the Bases
  21. The Blood of Jesus Christ
  22. Two Blind Men Healed
  23. “By Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone”
  24. “Forgiveness According to the Riches of His Grace”
  25. Salvation for All Men
  26. “It Is Finished”!
  27. Lordship Salvation, a Perversion of the Gospel
  28. Repentance: What Does the Bible Teach?

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Salvation Crystal Clear

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