More Rules That Rebels Live By


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About This Book

With love and compassion, Pastor Jeff Farnham shows the error in each mistaken way of the rebel. He then explains the right path that the righteous person follows and gives abundant real-life illustrations which affirm his conclusions. His previous book entitled Rules That Rebels Live By has been very beneficial for pastors, teachers, soul winners and parents. This sequel will continue to exhort and encourage.


Author: Jeff Farnham  | Pages: 205  | Chapters: 18 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. The What-You-Saw-Isn’t-What-You-Saw Rule
  2. The No-Fear Rule
  3. The Hold-a-Grudge Rule
  4. The Lying-Lips Rule
  5. The Reject-the-Wisdom-of-Age Rule
  6. The I-Am-an-Island Rule
  7. The Silence-the-Preacher Rule
  8. The We-Come-to-Inquire Rule
  9. The God-Speaks-by-Me-Too Rule
  10. The Build-Again Rule
  11. The Shut-the-Temple-Doors Rule
  12. The Mock-the-Leader Rule
  13. The Teach-Rebellion Rule
  14. The God-Seeth-Not Rule
  15. The Good-Evil-and-Evil-Good Rule
  16. The One-Bible-Verse Rule
  17. The Allowed-Not-Commanded Rule
  18. The I-Will-Be-Like-the-Most-High Rule

More Rules That Rebels Live By

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