Introducing Jack Hyles to a New Generation

A Look into the Life & Legacy of Dr. Jack Hyles


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About This Book

Introducing Jack Hyles to a New Generation is a chronicle of the life of Dr. Jack Hyles and settles some common misconceptions.

Author: Bob Gray Sr. | Pages: 314 | Chapters: 54 | Format: Hardback

Chapter Titles

  1. Introduction
  2. Dr. Hyles, We Barely Knew You
  3. Do Not Forfeit His Influence Because of His Followers
  4. Tolerating Minor Differences
  5. A Concerned Pastor, Not a Control Freak
  6. A Mantle That Did Not Exist
  7. Rhetoric and Talking Points
  8. In Defense of Defending Friends
  9. Why Churches Stop Growing
  10. Those Despicable Southern Baptists
  11. He Was Not 100% For Hyles
  12. The Art of Losing Members
  13. Praying to the Dead?
  14. Mural, Mural, On The Wall
  15. Some Who Loved Him The Most Hurt Him The Most
  16. How Can One Take A Strong Stand With Weak Standards?
  17. His Convictions Were Not Preferences
  18. Beware of Transferred Loyalty
  19. Honoring His Predecessors
  20. “Man of God” Is Not A Position
  21. He Valued People Over Money
  22. Just After Numbers
  23. Ministries In, Not of the Church
  24. Not a Cranky Old Warrior
  25. Old Men For Young Men’s Sake
  26. Disagree Without Being Personal
  27. I Am Suspicious of Young Men Who Criticize Jack Hyles
  28. Revisiting a Prophetic Sermon
  29. Staying Useful To The End
  30. Independent Before There Were Independent Baptists
  31. The Relationship Between Older and Younger Men
  32. He Did Not Run With His Contemporaries
  33. Para-Church, Not Anti-Church Ministries
  34. Inconveniencing People
  35. Happy Empty Nesters
  36. Wednesday Night Bible Study Over Prayer Meeting
  37. Folly in Too Much Fellowship
  38. Frugal Over Fancy
  39. He Did Not Select His Successor
  40. Proud of Those Who Were Not The “Ideal”
  41. Russell Anderson, His Friend
  42. Understanding His Loyalty
  43. A Disciplined Memory
  44. Not a Baptist Pope
  45. He Invested Well
  46. His People Were His Encouragers
  47. “Please, Take Me For Granted”
  48. Restoration Before Retribution
  49. Pastors Jack and Beverly Hyles? NOT!
  50. Lessons In Growing Older
  51. Different Types of Loyalty
  52. Increasing His Influence
  53. Letting “Your” People Go
  54. Pastoral Authority

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