Foundational Truths, Doctrines & Practices: Vol. III

A look into eleven more doctrines every Christian should know


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About This Book

The doctrines Christian’s follow affects not only personal Christian growth but also the unity and growth of Christ’s body as a whole.

Foundational Truths Volume III continues to guide you through Biblical doctrines that influence your Christian life and the church body. With Biblical truths and sound solutions, Allen Domelle encourages you to seek actionable ways to overcome life’s challenges and continue to grow in your faith.

In this book you will:
  • Learn how tithes and offerings can result in God’s blessings
  • Discover how to achieve victory over life’s battles
  • Understand the critical role of teaching others about the Christian faith
Stay rooted in the truth and build upon a firm foundation with this book full of practical wisdom for the Christian life.


Author: Allen Domelle | Pages: 117  | Chapters: 11 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. The Doctrine of Tithes and Offering
  2. The Doctrine of Victory
  3. The Doctrine of Teaching
  4. The Doctrine of Learning
  5. The Doctrine of the Altar
  6. The Doctrine of Sunday School
  7. The Doctrine of Heritage
  8. The Doctrine of Soul Winning
  9. The Doctrine of Heaven
  10. The Doctrine of Hell
  11. The Doctrine of Music

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