Courage to Pray

Reeling from the aftermath of his mother's death, all Daniel wants is peace.


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About Courage To Pray

Reeling from the aftermath of his mother’s death, all Daniel wants is peace. Chancellor High School offers that through new friends and a soccer opportunity to help him reach his dreams.  When a new principal makes changes that threaten his faith, Daniel finds himself in a spiritual battle.  He turns to the only defense he knows: prayer. Will it be enough, or will he have to watch his new life disappear in the enemy’s flames?

Neala knows only one thing about life: to survive you must conform to peer pressure.  The only escape from her life is the music she creates. She discovers in Daniel a friendship and hope she never expected. His faith awakens a new song in her soul. Will she have the courage to follow that song, even when it means her world might crumble?

From heart-pounding soccer games to poignant moments of faith, Courage to Pray is a coming of age story where prayer can move mountains and the force of change is no match for the power of God.


Author: Victoria Roberts  | Pages: 230  | Chapters: — | Format: Paperback


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