A Teenager’s Guide to Character, Success, and Happiness

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About This Book

Christian teenagers have a huge advantage over the rest of the culture. Your advantage lies in the sacred success principles of the Bible. The 16 lessons in this book will challenge you, enlighten you, and if embraced, empower you. Insane success and outrageous happiness can be yours, but not without some tough choices. These choices have the power to remake you into an unstoppable force for God. You up to it?


Author: Jerry Ross  | Pages: 113  | Chapters: 16 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

1. Staying Simple is a Choice
2. Foolishness is a Choice
3. Wisdom is a Choice
4. Laziness is a Choice
5. Diligence is a Choice
6. Pride is a Choice
7. Humility is a Choice
8. Virtue is a Choice
9. Fearing the Lord is a Choice
10. Prudence is a Choice
11. Seeking Counsel is a Choice
12. Happiness is a Choice
13. Anger is a Choice
14. Teachable or Scorner?
15. Prosperous or Poor?
16. Blessed or Cursed?

A Teenager’s Guide to Character, Success, and Happiness

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