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With this package, you’ll receive 15 of each of the items listed in the description; a retail value of $3,989.25!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stock your church bookstore today!



Package includes:

  • (15)    Can I Trust My Bible? by Al Lacy
  • (15)    Mile-Marking Messages from the Revival Trail Vol. 1 by Justin Cooper
  • (15)    NIV The Antichrist’s Bible by Al Lacy
  • (15)    Jack Hyles on Finances by Jack Hyles
  • (15)  Marriage is a Commitment by Jack Hyles
  • (15)    What You Don’t Know About Prayer by Tom Neal
  • (15)    How to Help People Reach Their Potential by Jack Hyles
  • (15)    Contend for the Faith by Jack Hyles & Tom Neal
  • (15)    Just Preach by John N. Hamblin
  • (15)    I Love to Tell the Story by Joe Arthur
  • (15)    Thunder Under the Tent by John N. Hamblin
  • (15)    Somebody Has to Milk the Cows by Jack Hyles
  • (15)    Satan’s Toolbox by Greg Neal
  • (15)    Give Me That Old-Time Religion by John N. Hamblin
  • (15)    Fall of America by Greg Neal
  • (15)    What Great Men Taught Me by Jack Hyles
  • (15)    An Angel Among Us by Greg Neal
  • (15)    Tackling the Troubles that Target Timothys by Justin Cooper
  • (15)    Fear or Faith by Greg Neal
  • (15)    The Blood, the Book, and the Body by Jack Hyles
  • (15)    The Vessels Ceased and the Oil Stayed by Justin Cooper
  • (15)    A Better Brand of Christian by Terry Sellars
  • (15)    Teaching on Preaching by Jack Hyles
  • (15)    How to Have Victory in Your Life by Greg Neal
  • (15)    5 Things Believed in Hell by Greg Neal
  • (15)    Mile-Marking Messages from the Revival Trail Vol. 2 by Justin Cooper
  • (15)    Exploring Prayer by Jack Hyles
  • (15)    Committed The Stanley Family (Music CD)
  • (15)    Forgiven Immanuel Baptist Church (Music CD)
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