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Bible Blueprints for Building Better Homes by Lonnie Moore

Bible Blueprints for Building Better Homes


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The family was the first institution ordained by God. It serves as the foundation upon which society rests. Because of its important role, it is vital that the family be strong. However, this does not happen by accident; stong homes must be purposefully built. Any building that is meant to last must first have a solid plan before work begins and a proper foundation on the first phase of construction. The building on that foundation must then follow a plan. We wouldn’t want a “house” built any other way, so why would we want to put less effort and care into building a “home?” Whether dealing with the relationship between spouses or the relationship between parents and children, Lonnie Moore presents the plan laid out in the Holy Scriptures.

Author: Lonnie Moore

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Bible Blueprints for Building Better Homes

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